Here are some quotes from people who have watched the show and enjoyed it.

Loved the show! Great concept of setting up the kids on a craft activity at the beginning.

This is a fantastic idea and thank you for keeping it going during the holidays because, as you know, mum and dad is a job that keeps going during the holidays! Your concept of “pay if you can afford it” triggered a great family conversation too! And your recommendation of bookshop below is another great stuff. I love the values you are show-casing. High five to you and your team.” Karine.

“Thank you so much James for the accidental shows. Logan is always so looking forward to them and it makes him smile and laugh. Precious moments. Wonderful! It also encouraged him to want to read some of the books from the authors on your show, so we bought a few from howbraveisthewren.  Fantastic network of goodness.  God bless you.” Linda

“We loved your show on Wednesday – it really lifted our spirits with your humour and kindness and the interaction you had with your guests.” Alison

“That was just brilliant. Thank you.” Polly Dunbar

“Thanks for everything you create and being a break and inspiration for my day dreaming daughter” Julia.

“Oliver loved the show! He barely moved for the whole hour which is amazing!! He was also the happiest I’ve seen him in ages. . thank you.” Helen

She was feeling a bit low about lockdown before the accidental show, so winning the competition really made her day. Thanks for being her fairy godmother! Lorna

Thank you so much you have just made this lockdown much more bearable. Lorna

Thanks for making our son laugh, a lot ! Elizabeth

Fantastic to have a bit of fun and arty, witty, cultural exposure when theatres and museums have been closed for so long! Linda

Well done on inspiring the nation’s children and helping them stay sane. I hope you have a good week. Helen.

Thanks for the ‘accident’ this morning – it was brilliant fun, very creative, wonderfully educational, immensely funny and hugely insane all at the same time!! The kids loved it, and I was crying I was laughing so much! Caroline

Thank you! I shall blab on social media about this but honestly it takes a lot to engage my 7 year old but he was in stitches today! As far as I’m concerned your my saviour of lockdown already! Bex

“Thank you SO much for this morning. B LOVED it. Attached are his drawings (brussel sprout dog, Ninja cat jumping over trumping dog, banana dog, ‘telephone-box head’ dog and iphone dog)” Helen.

“That was so great!! M loved it!!! Can’t wait for next week! Do you want us to spread the word? I’m sure lots of our friends would love to join in next week.” Laura

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for such a funny, engaging and enjoyable zoom this morning. Our son had a fab time and said it was really good! The drawing element was a bonus for us. J’s not an artist by nature and wouldn’t usually choose to draw so anything that gets him being creative is a win.” Lisa

“That was absolutely brilliant. Our weekly saviour.” Andrea

“Well that was brilliant. Thank you very much. See you next week.” Amy

“I could hear them crying with laughter.”

“Highly recommended.” Bex

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