The Accidental Show started in January 2021 with the announcement of the UK’s third lockdown. It began as a creative workshop to give children a break from online school learning but soon we had an audience far too big for a workshop. It was time to become a show.

What makes The Accidental Show special is that it is on Zoom. Because you can see other members of the audience and the guests can see you, it’s the closest you can get to a live, festival or theatre experience without leaving the house. Even better, the whole show is LIVE. As you watch you can genuinely feel like you are connected to other people and part of something special.

Because it’s on Zoom, pretty much everyone has their microphone muted. This means your children can hum, draw, sing, dance, paint, do whatever they like, be as loud as they like without distracting our performers or anyone else.

The show lasts for one hour and is every Saturday morning. Tickets are free because this season is funded by The Arts Council but if you would like to make a donation after the show, any money raised will be used to produce Season Four! We suggest £5 per child but payment is entirely voluntary. Please don’t give us anything if you receive free school meals or if you are an NHS frontline worker. If you’d like to help us please tell your friends about the show and encourage them to sign up to the invitation list. Of course, if you are feeling flush, you’re welcome to donate more.

For a zoom invitation to the show please say hello to us via the contact page.

James Campbell hosts the show every week. James is a children’s comedian and author. You might know him from his Comedy 4 Kids shows and his books The Funny Life of Pets; The Funny Life of Sharks; The Funny Life of Teachers; and Write Your Own Funny Stories. All these books are published by Bloomsbury.

The shows are also co-hosted by one of our three child presenters. These are currently Daphne, Tom and Kate. But if you fancy yourself as a TV presenter, stick around. We may be able to find a space for you in season four.

Our guests are different each week but are a mixture of authors, illustrators, musicians and comedians who are suitable for children! Regular guests include CBBC Kirsten O’Brien who shows us how to craft something new from rubbish and sticky tape.

Our guests so far have included Chris Riddell, Karl Hyde, Adam Stower, Stewart Foster, Lisa Thompson, Jo Nadin, Zeb Soanes, James Mayhew, Rob Jones, Swappna Haddow and Katherine Rundell. To find out who is on this week, please check out our social media, details of which are on our contact page.

We are also launching a new project which aims to celebrate the activities and inclinations of young people with non-typical brains. If you are parent of a child with autism, ADHD, synaesthesia or anything wonderful really, please watch this video. If it sounds like your thing, please get in touch. https://youtu.be/GR6qepq-Tnc

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